Outdated we get as the day consumes. It was just yesterday when I bowed My head before my mom as I scored a little lesser than she expected me to. The times she thought me those difficult words I’d find hard remembering. I remember opportunity was one of those. She helped me learn faster, my pace got better and better. Doing things myself just the way you thought how to.

And now to cope up you try speaking those difficult words, badly structured sentences. But ai laugh at your tries and not even help you speak them well. All life I haven’t learnt how to decode your smile. You still greet and treat me with one.
I promise to give you everything you deserve, this Sudden change in the journey is for better. I will try and give you Everything priceless, starting with Smile my mom ur precious.

Smile of Hope

Do I know you asked a man to the child wanting to speak to himYes nodded the child saying I was supposed to be the insult you thought you left my mom with

I happen to carry these eyes of helplessness on street as disabled child in grief 

You walked by and I ran with these virtual feet towards to ask you for the respect my mom deserves

For the next morning I wakeup beside her, I dont want to see those tears evaporated out of nowhere but a Smile of hope, A smile of life.