Danced under moonlightImagining her in my arms

Her moves followed crossing my heart

The hop she took is a distance I cant meet

I dont want to be awake off that dream

She is a lady with lionheart

And herself drowned in silence

I haven’t heard her being that loud. Never.


Majuli Island


Majuli (Land in the middle of two Parallel rivers)

State : Assam

District : Jorhat

Largest fresh Water mid-river deltaic island in the world inhabited by Tribals is a bio diversity hot spot. Less crowded and unexplored island is a perfect destination to visit in between November and March. Nearest city to the island is Jorhat. Not a party destination though but a perfect place to escape from the traffic jams and unnecessary horning.

Majuli isnt lacks infrastructure, no luxury hotels to stay. However there are satras, some satras have guest rooms which can be occupied if written to them prior your visit. Island is the mixture of Culture and Nature. It has been abode of Assamese Vashnavite culture.


(Majuli Raas Mahotsav)

To witness magnetism of Majuli one must visit towards the end of winter, Native tribes around the region visit the island to showcase their art form (Apong, Food, weaving, dance).

As its a Vaishnavite cult visiting while Janmastami will be a visual treat.

One must take a ferry from Jorhat to reach Majuli, There are 2 ferry rides to Majuli everyday at 10:00 am and 3:00 pm respectively.

Erosion is likely to submerge the largest fresh water River Island in next 15-20 years. So better explore it while the beauty fades away by Global warming.