To much of lightsMusic turns to be noise

By the sea, hardly know 

how it sounds like.

Want to be wer I can hear nature

Light so mild, it hardly hits eye

Want to live a normal life

And Unflashy existence



If you’re disguised in lifeBe it related to friends or life

Know one thing

Your awesome

You always were

You always shall be

Don let the negativity of few

Destroy ur peace


Danced under moonlightImagining her in my arms

Her moves followed crossing my heart

The hop she took is a distance I cant meet

I dont want to be awake off that dream

She is a lady with lionheart

And herself drowned in silence

I haven’t heard her being that loud. Never.

School-to-Old Age

Remember how most of us cried on our first day to school? Uniform, strangers, Order, discipline and what not went through our mind that time? and what not we were afraid of? How hard it was when they waved us bye…Looked like they left us there forever. That promise they made to us early morning that they would be back when the bell rings, those words resonated infinite times.And when the bell rang, eyes searching among the crowd for our daddy. Amount of happiness at that point of time can never be weighed. We were afraid of school and angry on parents for sending us there. Part apart it was, wasnt it?We knew how hurting it was for us to spend days with bunch of strangers of same age who are going through exactly what you are.

Remember the time when we all were worried about home works ? New types of Pencils which our friends brought and the way we explained it to our dad. Dad’s promise to buy it for you – if you score well. Times when even when you failed to score, you would get what you desired for.Times flew by and our wishes turned into demands, the more dependable we got higher went our demands.


Caught up in job now, and now is the time for you to fulfil theirs’. Those wont be too much for you, infact most of them are for your well being.Is there any demands they put or is it a request

They are old and your busy.They left you to school so that you learn and make yourself up a good life.You learnt enough to drop them by Old Age Home.Yes.. Logically a school for them with no teacher. A beg and a bench and a preacher.While you dropped them and waved bye, they knew for sure you wont come back.School for them where they would breathe their last and get out only on stretcher to grave or four shoulders for which you paid.