To much of lightsMusic turns to be noise

By the sea, hardly know 

how it sounds like.

Want to be wer I can hear nature

Light so mild, it hardly hits eye

Want to live a normal life

And Unflashy existence



If you’re disguised in lifeBe it related to friends or life

Know one thing

Your awesome

You always were

You always shall be

Don let the negativity of few

Destroy ur peace


Danced under moonlightImagining her in my arms

Her moves followed crossing my heart

The hop she took is a distance I cant meet

I dont want to be awake off that dream

She is a lady with lionheart

And herself drowned in silence

I haven’t heard her being that loud. Never.


Glad, that I am closelucky to be some part

The way you look at the lens and smile

That serene on you is an art
Did you see my unconditional urge?

How I speak about pausing time

Because those flawless moments with you 

Are like fallen leaves.

I wish I could hold our tree always green

To be so I hunt for magic trick

Thats how whenever I think about you

I become some what poetic

So that’s how it’s

So that’s how it is Do you remember that palace you drew on paper? 

Fountain you wanted in the corridor

Brushed glass as our room’s door

Also the floor you d speak of 

The colours, the size and what not 

Things got different last night 

Wokeup to realise that

I lost that paper to a wash

The paper u drew on while i was looking how weird we both are

Sitting under that scorching heat on a metal bench 

Didn’t know about the time we happily spent 

That park we sat in has a same tree till now

Aunt who watered flowers has the same brown jug

Small kids who played around have grown beard

Details of those which the paper would remind me of

It was washed away in the shirt you gifted

Colour of the gate we last saw now is pale blue

Everythings changed over night 

But still i love you