Danced under moonlightImagining her in my arms

Her moves followed crossing my heart

The hop she took is a distance I cant meet

I dont want to be awake off that dream

She is a lady with lionheart

And herself drowned in silence

I haven’t heard her being that loud. Never.


No, It doesnt matter

But, no it doesn’t matter now
Looking back at the journey you made

Not everything you were was inconvenient 

You were not filthy to be thought what you are

But, no it doesn’t matter now
Small acts of kindness

Fingers pointed to be laughed at

You took it all and as it got you slow

No, it doesn’t matter now
Do u remember, that corner you sat without informing

Do u remember how hot that yellow bench was in park

And how about the things who saw you over ur mistakes

How was it to close ur eyes and see everything against

Helplessness while the stones came by

Taking hits trying to make it somehow

No, but it doesnt matter now