Let me tell you a Story

I got to know something is not fine with youLet me tell you a story

While you were praying to God for 

what you lost

You forgot to notice him nodding no

While you are praying for

what is yet to come

Look deep into his eyes, mirror yourself there 

And Nod yes. 

Its just you who will help you 

You will make it this time. 

I believe.


What if?

Always wanted to be one whom your scared to giveupBut it was easy for you,

may be I was the worst person in the universe. 

But I tried the best for you.
There should have been a gentle hold

I know it would be clumpsy for you 

It was equally tough to be on your part

How quietly you took the broken pieces of self and me
No am not complaining. No I am not blaming

But sometimes when I listen to same old songs heard beside

I wonder, what if..

What if you could pull a little more days

What if I could see that old Good me in you
It was all my fault. It was all my deed.

But what if .??


Shift in dependence I am not used to make myself up

I never would write

Hardly walked a step and was carried.around

Afraid to cross the roads when you guided me safe

But the winds have changed
I take walks alone with a bunch of myselves running my head
Beside season of help and helplessness

I like the ink when I write about you

Tried crossing roads to be hit by driving

As am independent now i just get back dusting myself up

And say sorry sir , I am learning


What matters at the end is if its ok or notLessons learnt, smiles got, moments stayed

Times felt, 

After an end to year of togetherness 

In a flash for a mistake unforgivable 

You know, set back,Stay, breathe, be good

To start with is the difficult part

when the routine gets living

Things those matter now will have less value

But its ok. As it was.